Best Massage Chairs Reviews

COVID-19 has changed the world in a quite dramatic way!

It is very hard now to get into a local message treatment center and wait for hours at a time is sometimes daunting.

Why not start enjoying the convenience of a massage chair in your own home?

A massage chair offers you total access conveniently around your schedule. A massage chair doesn’t care if you stay for five minutes or 35 minutes. It is up to you.

If you wake up a little bit stiff, let a massage chair soothe, stretch and gently ease your stiff body. If you have just come back from strenuous activity, then let it relieve the built-up tension and tightness of the muscles in your body.

A massage chair is always ready, willing, and able to deliver expert massage therapy when you need it.

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10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews

I have compiled a list of top rated massage chairs as per my experience as well as of customers reviews.

#1 Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair | Zero Gravity

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It is really easy to go on zero gravity and feel weightless in just one button click. It offers the whole body massage that includes but not limited to shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, lower back heating, foot massage, etc.

This one is the most affordable as well as the reliable one. If you are looking to gift your elders and the spouse and for yourself then this is a great massager.

  • Ultimate zero gravity & you will feel virtually weightless
  • Easy to oprate through remote
  • It is a portable massage chair
  • Full body massage with 8 rollers
  • Easy Installation
  • You will fall in love with it for sure
  • It has height & weight limit (6.1 foot & 400 pound)

#2 RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair | Air Massage System

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The zero gravity function is where your feet are at your heart level and your heart can relax here. To stay at this gravity level for around 5 minutes will releive you well. This is the best technique to deal with your back pain instantly.

This massager has automatic as well as manual massage programs where you can message at targetted areas.

This machine has a new rolling system that will give you a human touch body massage. It has multiple airbags for your hip and the waistline.

  • Large screen for remote control
  • It has pin points kneading massage via computized body scanning
  • It also offers a spinal decomsiotion program
  • It provides full body massage including foot, arm, hips, calf, etc.
  • It is a bit costly but worth it

#3 Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner | Best Therapy Air

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This is adjustable and you can use at home as well as in the office. You have full control on speed and intensity up to three levels.

Your heart is going to love it as this massager will support to circulate the blood inside.

It has 21 airbags that will massage at your hip, waistline, leg, back, neck, shoulder, and foot massage with heating function.

It has a smart body scan feature that will provide a customized message as per your body requirements. Further, it will increase the intensity level as per your body weight.
They have 100% refund policy in case it does not fit your needs.

  • You can use it in the office and in a living room as well
  • It is a recliner with built-in heat therapy | advanced air massage
  • It is heart-friendly | A zero gravity function
  • It has all 7 modes kneading, tapping, stretching, shiatsu, combo, air pressure & heating
  • Not any specific but the cost may be for someone

#4 Shiatsu Full Body Electric Massage Chair

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This electric full body massger will send you in day dreaming as soon as you push the zero gravity button.

Your feet will be elevated to heart level that will ultimately reduce the heart pressure then the airbag massage will further enhance blood circulation. This will remove your hectic day tensions and you are a supercharge person for your family now.

  • It has waist massage heater
  • Bluetooth function is there
  • It has used a higher grade synthetic fiber
  • It is best companioin for home and the office
  • It is limited to under 6.1 feet and under 380 pounds people

#5 STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair

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Stronglisht has done quite a heavy research over 10,000 prationers and came up with this beautful engineering design. The easy portability distungish from others.

It has a beautiful glossy painted look. The most vestige and client positioning friendly massager chair ever exist in the market.

The therapists can manage the perfect height for their ergonomic work. It has an adjustable armrest and easily removable leg pads. This makes it a wonderful package for disabled or injured clients.

This massage chair is a leader since 1986.

  • It is portable and you can carry anywhere easily
  • It is very strong and can deal with 600 lb weight that is amazing
  • You will get a beautiful carry case
  • You may not resist to spend anyday without it – Avoid it if you can

#6 OOTORI 3D SL-Track Thai Yoga Stretching

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when it comes to back massage then this is quite a wonderful guy. Its rollers actually hit the gluteral and piriformis muscles and help in sciatica issues.

Its 3D technology that combines knocking, hitting & tapping will provide you with an ultimate therapy experience. You will feel like you got many guys doing stuff for you simultaneously.

It has an improved zero gravity function where you can customize as per your needs and ease.

The electric massage rollers are adjustable to your shoulders and the airbag massage intensity is controllable.

  • Ultimate Thai Yoga stretching at Zero Gravity Massage
  • It is a massage chairs recliner that has tapping, Heating and foot roller massager functionality
  • The bluetooth function will help you to connect your phone
  • You can control the intensity of your massage
  • You will fall in love with it only – Gauranteed

#7 Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair Recliner | Foot Rollers Massage Therapy

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It has bright colors and eco friendly material  – perfect guy for your living room. Anyone can operate is easily through remote control.

It has 3 massage stages and 3 levels of strength.

You can enjoy zero gravity that will help you to relax physically as well as mentally.

It has special features for calf and arm to point the pain prone areas.

It has 56 airbags overall that will take you to heaven as soon as you push the button.

It comes with a 3 years of warranty.

  • It is a full body Shiatsu luxurious electric Massage Chair Recliner
  • You can control instensity level while on it
  • It provides triggered point massage
  • This friend will reduce your friendlist as you will on it all the free time

#8 Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Beige)

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It is full time automatic but still you can use it manually as per your convinience. It is very stylish as you can see and smart as well.

Its innovative engineered functions will ease the operation and you can control as per your needs.

For back massage, it provides heat to enhance lower back and feet massage.

  • It will automatically locate the acupressure point
  • Around 10 programmed message sessions are already in it
  • Buy it and cancel all your appointments at massage centers
  • It will save alot of your time – Need to reathing where to invest this time now

#9 Navitas Sleep Massage Chair | Ultimate Massager

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It has the most auto massage program than in the lot – 36 wellness programs.

You can use a program like you normally sleep on a bed. It will now massage you at that position.

It has ergonomic zero-gravity seating that will enhance your massaging experience on another level.

You can fix your massaging sequence and it smartly remembers it so you need not set it again and again.

It will take measurement of your body to pinpoint the acupoints and message smartly.

Navitas sleep massage chair will provide you with an extra relief of you back pain and reduce quite some pressure on the vertebrae that will ultimately allow your muscles to get a complete relax.

  • It has 8 memory setting that makes it time saving for next sessions
  • It locate pressure points at neck and shoulder and massage smartly
  • It is completely custimizable as per your needs and sleeping positions.
  • No any secific to write about

#10 Jin – Deluxe L-Track Massage Chair | Zero Gravity

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You are going to get a 5 years limited warranty by the seller. It has a tripple region heater (Lumbar, Forearm, Calves) while normally we see back and foot region.

For feet, it has extra foot rollers to enhance the strength required.

All imported stuff is used in it.

  • The ultimate zero gravity & your heart will relax more
  • it provides a full body powerful massage
  • Easy Installation & opeartion
  • It will increase your guests visits

Buying Guide for a Massage Chair

I have explained a number of features already but you can also consider these points before buying it…

Zero Gravity

Nowadays zero gravity is the main feature to have in your massager. Make sure to have this feature in your machine at any cost.

Heat Therapy

Calf, Foot, and back massage is preferably to have heat therapy. Many machines provide back feature and you can look for feet and arms features as well.

3D and 4D Massage

3D massage is done by chair rollers is preferred but if you need more versatility you can go for 4D if you have back and shoulders issues.


Some heavy machine has two tires to move it to other places around your home but some are completely portable.


In this, the pressure is applied at the tops of feet that benefit to the whole body.

Home & Office Use

Most of the machines you can use at your home and offices easily. just find the right guy.

S Curve Tracking

It follows the main spine structure of the body from the lower back up to the upper neck.

L Tracking

It helps to relax neck down to glutes and may be extended to hamstrings.

Voice Control

Some chairs offer Alexa and google voice to get instructions.

Heavy Duty Stuff

Make sure to get a massager than can deal with the heavy person easily.


Chromotherapy will help to make a balance between physical, spiritual, and emotional energies.


Better if it can memorize your customized setting for the next session that way you can save much of your time.

WiFi Connected

It will help to connect your mobile and you can listen to your favorite podcast while relaxing.

Air Ionizers

It will help to repel air dust and irritants.


Make sure to read about height and weight limitations and find as per your requirements


See if you can afford but that does not mean the costlier is the better. you need to see your need.

Massaging Techniques

Also, see if these main massaging techniques are available in there.

  • Kneading
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Audio Sync
  • Tapping
  • Rhythm


Most of the sellers provide at least 2 years warranty. just read the term and conditions well before buying. Some may ask you to pay for a shipment while returning as this is heavy stuff in two to three boxes.

Why you need a Massgae Chair?

Regardless of our backgrounds, upbringings, and work roles, we are all susceptible to stress. There are many different factors that contribute to stress in our lives. When tension builds up in the body, it results in aches and pains to the muscles and joints. The higher the stress, the higher the tension, and its resulting pain. One way to help your body relax is with a health massage chair providing timely relief.

A massage chair is active furniture that is not commonly found in most homes. You will have fun seeing the reaction of friends and family to trying out this advanced recliner. You will be surprised at the number of people who will want to come back for more.

Massage chairs come with convenient remote control. This enables you to fully take advantage of the many features contained in these advanced recliners. You can set all sorts of adjustments including power recline and targeting of the massage to different areas of your body.

Anybody can use a massage chair. You can soften a message by adding extra cushioning. You can also make the message stronger by removing the same cushioning. This enables you to tailor the massage depending on your particular needs.

Massage chairs are a great way to provide for the relief of stress and anxiety. Although a recliner cannot remove the source of stress, it can reduce its associated symptoms. Relieve the tension in your body by soothing your muscles and joints.

Think of the convenience of having massage therapy on demand to reduce your stress.

Top Brands for Massage Chair

Below are the top brands for zero gravity massage chairs.


One of the top companies for advanced massage chairs is the Omega Massage Company. This line of recliners is known for its strength of the massage. They provide a variety of different value-added therapies to provide the most complete massage experience.

Sanyo Electronics

Some of the most advanced electronic sensors from Hitachi Electronics are being integrated into the Sanyo massage chair line. They offer a stiffness sensor and also a body shaped sensor. These technologies are used to better customize the massage to your individual needs.

Panasonic Shiatsu Chairs

The Panasonic electronic company offers a number of models for the American market. Advanced technology is used in a common platform for different massage chair models. They offer a line of contemporary entry-level and high-end luxury line.

Your Massage Chair – You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without It

“Dolls pain, stiff neck, and shoulders that feel as if someone folded” This is the phrase most used by any employee after 8 hours of hard work. It is obvious that after working all day, they will likely experience symptoms of fatigue due to work. According to Palmer, founder of TouchPro Institute and co-developer of the massage chair in the first place, most of the symptoms related to the mental and physical office are mostly due to lack of blood and lymphatic circulation. The obstruction of the lymph nodes and blood flow is the result of sitting behind a desk all day, which is not tailored to the needs of an individual’s body.

These types of loads as a result of lack of work-energy, susceptibility to stress, injuries, and mental confusion. A massage chair helps to maintain better blood circulation which increases oxygen flow in the blood and results in the production of energy that keeps a person feeling fresh all day. Sitting in a chair massage relieves tension in the neck, it provides a soft rest for your eyes and opens your back muscles.

Even a very small period of chair massage arms, hands, neck and back, can increase blood circulation, improves energy levels thereby maintaining the security body repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. According to Palmer, “If you are using massage chair in a defensive manner, is to maintain homeostatic balance, which is opposed to the small problems from getting worse.” This has already been proven by millions of customers and specialists in the treatment of messages.

Massage Chair should not be considered as a treatment or therapy but as a simple relaxation technique. This type of massage chair step makes it more accessible to people who do not seek a change of lifestyle therapy and personal growth. The most important aspect is the price of the massage chair. Massage chairs are available in a variety of price ranges from $ 200 (for beginning massage therapist) to $ 4500.

Chair massage is available at airports and shopping malls as well as in many workplaces throughout the U.S. companies and increasingly in Britain. This is an accessible and popular form of bodywork to bring the benefits of massage to people who otherwise would not experience it.

A Massage Chair | Experience Deep Relaxation

Massage chairs have achieved great fame among millions of people around the world. In fact, these chairs can be called the revolution in the field of massage therapy. These loungers with a function of the vibrators are considered impressive therapeutic devices by experts in this field. Anyone can benefit from the features that come with chairs.
Here are some of the benefits you may experience with buying a massage chair recliner.

Relieve Stress and Relaxation

This is something that most people are looking for. With the kind of hectic lifestyle we lead, due to the pressure of work and maintenance of lifestyle is true that most people suffer from stress and tension. A massage chair recliner can solve this problem. With the help of a massage chair recliner, one can experience deep relaxation and stress release. Just recline in this chair for a while and you will fall asleep.

Pain Relief

Back pain and neck pain are very common nowadays. Most body aches and pains arise due to tension in the muscles. A gentle touch or massage given to the muscles can easily remove these common ailments. A massage chair will help in this regard.

Improves Lymphatic Flow

The blood and lymph are responsible for removing toxins from your body. The vigorous muscular movement may improve the removal process of harmful toxins in the body, affecting blood pressure. A massage chair can do everything for you.

Reducing Spasm  of the Muscle

A massage chair offers the same benefits as if the experience after a good massage from a licensed therapist. You will receive relief of stiffness and muscle tightness and spasms go away.

Enhanced endorphin levels

Endorphins are known to be the body’s natural painkillers. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to increase levels of endorphins in the body. A chair massage is very helpful in this regard.

Enhanced Healing

A chair massage increases blood flow, thereby increasing oxygen transport to tissues of the body. Oxygen is vital to the healing process in the body. A powerful message by a massage chair will help you heal better and faster.

 improved Posture

People who suffer from skeletal muscle pain have poor posture. This position can be devastating to the bones, muscles and ligaments support. This position can be effectively reversed by a period of chair massage. The session will help you be more upright.

Feeling of wellbeing

A session on your massage chair can help develop an overall sense of wellbeing. This, in turn, improves blood flow and lymph, the position of his body, muscle function, and endorphin levels.

Buying a massage chair can provide a healthy body and overall sense of wellbeing. However, you should be careful before buying a massage chair. The best massage chairs are made of vinyl and other synthetic materials. It can handle the constant movement of massage. Understand the warranty policy in the chair before buying one.

Either Manual Recline Vs Power Recline For A Massage Chair?

There are many decisions to make regarding purchasing a massage chair. However, if you have limited mobility or foresee this in the future, then an important decision is your choice of powered or manual recline. The recline feature can either be powered for both the chair back and the leg rest. We will take a look at the pluses and minuses of either system.

Many of us are familiar with the manual recline of a typical recliner. There may be a lever to raise up the leg rest using a series of springs or an air cylinder. A lever may also be used to recline the chair back.

You will typically find a powered recliner for the high and to midrange massage chairs. A powered recliner uses a motor to raise the leg rest up or to lower the chair back. The remote control contains buttons to activate these motors.

People who have limited mobility should definitely consider a powered recliner. This makes it very easy to recline the chair back to a comfortable angle. You can also raise your legs or lower them with the push of a button.

Be sure to check out where the levers are located on the recliner. Some manufacturers put them in odd places that are not ergonomic. It is important that the lever is readily available if you should need to get out of the chair.

If it’s possible, go and try the chair with a manual recline. Try the manual controls and see if you can reach the lever in different positions. You want to make sure that both levers are accessible in different positions in the chair.

If you can afford powered recline, then this is certainly the way to go. This is one of the more luxurious features found in these advanced recliners. Just simply use the remote control to adjust the chair’s angles for your comfort.

There are also hybrid massage chairs. These may have a powered chair back and manual leg rest. A motor is to recline the chair. The lever system is used to raise the leg rest.

Both of these systems are very reliable. These systems will last for years when the chair is used properly. Be careful that you use the chair properly and not put too much weight when the chair is in the reclined position.

If you are looking at a high-end chair, then you almost certainly will find a powered recliner. If you are more budget-conscious, then a manual system may be appropriate for you. Be sure to look at the mobility needs of you and others in your household before deciding.

It is important to consider whether you want a powered or manual recline feature. Be sure to research the features of your chair and check where the levers are located for any manual system. In this way, you will be happy for the long-term with your massage chair purchase.

One of the more important features of a Robotic Massage Chair is the Shiatsu Massage. There are many important features to give you the ultimate in luxury.

Massage Recliner Chair vs a Massage Therapist

Wouldn’t a massage be really nice after a long hard day at work? Unfortunately, you still have to find a professional massage therapist if you want this kind of comfort. If you are fortunate enough to know a massage therapist personally or of you have been working with one regularly, there is still a need to schedule an appointment. After you call him on the phone and agree on the time, you still need to spend effort going to your car and driving to the therapist’s workplace. If that much effort is needed to get a massage, would you not choose to just lay down on your soft bed and sleep your massage desires away?

Today, every one of us wants instant indulgence since our free time is very limited in our hectic lives. If money was not to be taken into account, all of us would get a massage every week, or even multiple times a week. For this reason, a massage therapist may be the inconvenient choice for a massage.

The advanced technology we have today made it possible for a massage recliner chair to emulate the human touch. Furthermore, aside from a back rub, more advanced models can also massage the individual’s shoulders, arms, legs, and feet.

Regarding the price, the rates for a professional massage therapist can fall somewhere between $40 to $100, depending on the therapist’s length of experience, level of expertise, and their place of work. Massage recliners, on the other hand, are expensive and could cost thousands of dollars. However, in the long run, massage recliners may prove to be the cheaper choice because aside from its health benefits, you have the liberty of using as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Another consideration is the fact that the other family members and relatives can also share the use of a massage recliner chair. Imagine how much your bill would be is each member of the family is to get a massage from a therapist. Moreover, massage recliners are very stylish additions to your overall home décor.

Another one of its indispensable benefits is the very fact that it is a recliner chair. Anyone who has already sat on a recliner chair knows all too well how comfortable it is. Even if you deactivate the massage features, it is being a recliner that already provides health benefits. The mere act of sitting comfortably relaxes your entire body and relieves stress. There are probably many other benefits but these are perhaps enough already to stress why massage recliners are the better choice for most individuals.

Final Verdict

A massage chair is no more a luxury and is need of everybody in this pandemic COVID-19 situation and definitely will remain a long way the same.

There are a variety of models available. Choose the functions you need and see if the warranty is there so that if it is not compatible with your body then you can replace it easily.

One last suggestion is don’t run behind the model or brands like this is not the era to fall into those traps. See any amazon choice seller and grab one piece for your home.

FAQ’s about Massage chairs

How does a massage chair work?

A therapist grips and squeeze the large body muscles firmly for a moment and releases it. This helps to release tensions in tight muscles and ultimately you feel relaxed.

In the same way, a massage machine uses airbags that acts the same. It will pinpoint your acupoints smartly. The modern machines also provide heat therapy as feet and back as well.

What is a zero-gravity position?

This releases the pressure from your heart. The feet are raised up to heart level and you feel weightless virtually. It also brings your spinal parallel to the ground.

That way you the strongest parts are of your body are on a rest position. you will feel ultimate relaxation as no burden is left on.

What are the benefits of regular massage?

Regular massage helps promote ongoing health. It does this by increasing circulation which
means your body can pump more oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed thereby promoting improved healing and better function.

Getting a massage on a routine basis also promotes circulation of your lymph system which is one of your front line disease defense mechanisms. Massage also increases the release of endorphins (your body’s natural painkiller and rejuvenator).

A message machine is a luxury or a need?

Many people think of a massage chair as a luxury item. Yes, this makes you think of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. However, a massage chair is a serious tool for relief to those with the need. The reduction of stress as it arises is the heart of a massage chair being a positive contributor to your well being.

What is the main benefit of a massage chair?

One of the most powerful benefits of a massage chair is simply its convenience. You do not have to schedule an appointment and do not have to stay a particular length of time. If you need a five-minute massage then sit down and relax. If you have more time, great, get a 30-minute full-body massage.

Why you need massage therapy?

Massage therapy has been used for centuries to deliver health benefits. There are a variety of massage treatments to help invigorate and improve your health. Many of these massage techniques target deep relief of the muscle tissues, enhance blood flow, improve circulation as well as providing relaxation.

What are the major types of Massage Chairs?

There are basically two types of manual and electric massage chairs. You can also classify as a portable and heavy fixed one.

What are the best massager chairs to buy online?

  1. Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair
  2. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
  3. Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner
  4. Shiatsu Full Body Electric Massage Chair
  5. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair
  6. OOTORI 3D SL-Track Thai Yoga Stretching
  7. Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair Recliner
  8. Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair
  9. Navitas Sleep Massage Chair
  10. Jin – Deluxe L-Track Massage Chair

Is there any issue with the overuse of massager chair?

The overuse of anything always is not recommended. A normal period consists of 15-20 minutes. It also depends on how much intensity you use.

As a rule of thumb once you start feeling nag just leave the chair immediately.

Overuse may lead to damage to the issue. Also, make sure to dring plenty of water after use.

Are the massage chairs safe Pregnancy?

It is highly not recommended because it may unintentionally pinch a tissue that may cause any issue during this period. Though some experts say that as you can get a traditional human touch massage then why not!

Also, a theory says these machines emit electromagnet waves as operated electronically but there is no such proof – just a theory.

Still if necessary you can avoid Shiatsu Massage (Point Pressure) and heated massage function and can rely on neck, shoulders and foot massage.

How to clean a massage chair?

The maintenance is normally covered by the manufacture by you need to clean it on a regular basis.

To clean a massage chair you need to find a spray bottle that cleans the leather or whatever fabric is of your machine. Make sure not to disassemble unless it is necessary.

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